UCCSH Twinning Grants 2023

Our goal is to increase the number of clinical trials within the UCCSH. We are thus awarding 2x €25,000 as a start-up financing for an innovative, cross-campus clinical trial between Kiel and Lübeck.

Team up with a clincial partner in either Kiel or Lübeck and hand in your proposal until March 31st

Here is everything you need to know:

What are the criteria for participation?

Tandem Project
The project must consist of a tandem team, with one partner from Lübeck or Kiel and a close cooperation partner at the corresponding other center.

The clinical trial must be oncology focussed and include an intervention, i.e. have a therapeutic intent or the aim to improve side effects or complications as well as quality of life. Solely epidemiological data collections or observational trials are excluded.

Applicants are eligible after doctorate.

Which trials will be/ won`t be funded?


Investigator-initiated, multicentre (solely Kiel-Lübeck funded), interventional1, prospective clinical trial (or Pilot trial) with one of the following aims:

  • Feasibility of a therapeutic intervention2

  • Safety and Efficacy of a therapeutic intervention

  • Feasibility or Safety/Efficacy of a supportive care intervention3

It is possible to use the start-up financing to prepare a clinical trial protocol (fulfilling the above mentioned criteria) with the aim to submit it to the competent authorities for approval or to request funding for the actual conduct of the trial. In that case a time line for the preparation phase must be included in the application.

1 An intervention is an active treatment, a planned and selected measure with the aim to e.g. prevent progression of disease or treat side effects 

2 therapeutic intervention include drugs, radiation, surgery or other biological agents as well as medical devices

3 supportive care with the intend to treat side effects or complications as well as to improve quality of life using e.g. drugs, sports, nutritional, dietary, behavioral, psycho-oncological intervention


  • Observational trials

  • Exploratory or confirmatory trials in healthy subjects.

  • Exploratory or confirmatory trials on primary prevention.

  • Exploratory or confirmatory trials aimed at investigating a diagnostic procedure without subsequent intervention.

  • Retrospective data analyses

  • Epidemiological trials

What to hand in and how to submit your work?

Twinning Grant study proposal 
Please use the Twinning Grant study proposal template. The application should be written in English, font Arial 11 pt., and should not exceed 5 pages excluding references.

Please provide a short CV

Please email your CV and twinning grant study proposal to

What`s the timeline?

January 31th, 2023

April 21th, 2023

Decision announcement
May 13th , 2023

Funding period
May – December 2023

What are the criteria for evaluation ?

  • Topic in oncology – how well does the topic align with the UCCSH?

  • Innovation – will the study encourage innovative methodology and design?

  • Added value – how well do the partner sites complement each other? Will there be an overall benefit for patient cancer treatment and/or care?

  • Potential – how strong is the potential of the project for follow-up studies and funding?

  • Feasibility – how realistic is the implementation of the proposed project?

More questions?

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